Help yourself to my FREE manual for computer beginners

When I started delivering courses to computer beginners, I was not very impressed with the quality of the material. At the end of a five-day course, participants had not even been introduced to the basics of security, nor would they have had the confidence to walk into a shop and buy a computer.

So I decided to write my own beginner's manual.

Click on this link to download your copy.

(Note this is a 15MB file so will take a few minutes with standard ADSL broadband.)

It's written for Microsoft XP, the operating system most of us continue to use, even more so because the introduction of Vista was not the success it was supposed to be.I apologise if you're already using Windows 7 but there's still lots of very useful information from which a beginner can benefit.

The manual gives the reader a foundation to understanding a computer. I tell people that if they know the folder structure of a computer, and that they know how to create a file and where to save it, then that's 90% of the game. This is all included.

I've also found that few people know about the two different types of email, namely webmail using services such as Hotmail and Gmail, and the standard email service for which we use a program such as Outlook Express, Windows Mail or Outlook. There's an explanation, written in simple English, of the difference.

Naturally there's information about basic security, and there's also a section on computer maintenance. The latter does not involve removing any screws and fiddling around with internal mechanisms. It simply introduces you to 'tools', on which you click, which help to keep your computer functioning normally.

I specialise in teaching mature-aged people. My oldest beginner was 92! The manual is perfect for this group, but it's also perfect for anyone who missed out on learning how to use a computer. I didn't learn until the year 2000, and now I'm teaching people. You could do the same.

I encourage you all to download your free copy and give it to anyone who is either starting or needs a bit of help. They will be very grateful.