Where does your career direction go from here?
Would career coaching help you?

What is career coaching in relation to your career direction?

My definition is to ‘help you to make the right decisions to not only identify your career goals but also how to embark upon the path to achieve them’.

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I did a lot of research before enrolling in a career coaching course with Worklife (in Melbourne) which I believed would give me the structure and the tools necessary to enable me to offer a value-for-money service which would make a difference to people’s lives and help them with their career direction. I wasn’t disappointed with my investment.

If only I had had access to this process before I embarked upon my career! I might have gone down a completely different and possibly more rewarding path. Remarkably, participating in Worklife’s course made me realise that I was in the wrong job, so on my return to Perth I resigned.

I’m not saying that the same fate will befall you if you decide to undertake this process. What I will say is that career coaching will open your eyes to your true potential and the possibilities.

The process involves a series of meetings during which you will conduct a range of activities enabling you to discover your work and life preferences. Specifically these will look at:

Preferred Skills – What skills do you really enjoy using?
Values – What are your work-related values?
Work Satisfiers – These are the elements that combine to create overall job satisfaction.
Occupations & Work Settings – What type of work do you prefer and where would you like to do it?
Work/Life Balance – Simple. 'All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy'.

From these you will get a complete picture of what really matters in your life, both in and outside work.

If you are already working, the resulting career development options are one of the following;

  • No Change – you determine that you are content in your role but you might seek outside enhancement
  • Enhancement – you remain in your current role but this could be enhanced through, for instance, more responsibility or even relocation
  • New Role – you decide to make a career move and attain a new role, either internal or external

If you are a student wondering about your options, or if you are unemployed or returning to the workforce, then the results will allow you to focus on what you really want to do and from which you will derive the most satisfaction. Once all that is determined then it is my job to take you through the next stages to achieve your goals, which include:

  • Research and planning
  • Implementing the plan
  • Motivating you
  • Helping you to succeed

It is important to point out that you do the work and you will be the one that makes the decisions. I will be your guide. There is no guarantee of success. However, you will be giving yourself the chance to explore and achieve your true potential. How many people actually get to do that? You only have to look around you to say that the answer is few. Interested? If so, then call me on 0409 540 290 for a no-obligation chat or email me about career coaching by clicking on this link.