Testimonials from satisfied clients

"I’ve just been offered a role as an instructional designer. I’d been sending many résumés out without acknowledgment and this was the first job I applied for with my new version. One of my interviewers commented “what a great résumé” as I sat down. I felt proud and I wanted to pass this compliment onto you. Your ebook, and the support you provided was fantastic. I got lots of self-belief and impetus from your ebook and hope that many more people discover you and use your expertise. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and experience - it’s made a very big difference."Antony, Melbourne

"My partner and I are currently living in Thailand and working with Burmese refugees/migrants in the fields of environment and human rights, respectively. Your résumé book, and the ongoing support you offered me while I wrote my résumé, made me realise I had achieved more than I gave myself credit for. Coupled with this, I felt very proud of the finished product and for the first time I felt truly confident to get myself out there. The response I received from my résumé was fantastic - and now I am working in my dream job!" Laurina, Perth

"I joined the HK Police, aged 21 years, in 1976 straight from University and had a very satisfying and enjoyable career. However the Police have a compulsory retirement age of 55 and with a young family I realised that stopping work was not an option. Therefore when I had just turned 50 I began to think about a new career. Without any experience my early efforts at a CV/résumé were not very impressive and despite advice and help from friends I found the whole process difficult and I was getting nowhere.

Then one of my friends suggested I get in touch with Martin, who I had come across at University, but not really seen since. Working through emails with Martin helped me see my strong points, which would appeal to potential employers and he packaged them in a well constructed CV. I was very happy with the result and it gave me added confidence on the points I needed to highlight to potential employers. I then got a few interviews and was moving forward with a job when the “sub-prime” financial crisis hit and suddenly everything dried up.

However the experience helped me realise that there were job opportunities out there and so I continued networking but decided to wait until I had retired to find my next career instead of leaving early. Six months prior to my retirement I brushed up the old CV, sticking very much to Martin’s format and advice and I started applying again. Within three months of retiring from the Police I started my second career in the anti-money laundering , compliance sector at Goldman Sachs in Hong Kong.

I can honestly say that without Martin’s help and advice I do not believe I would have been able to land such a good job, given my age, lack of experience in the job market and understanding of my strengths that would interest potential employers. I would highly recommend Martin." Steve, Hong Kong

"An email to Martin is all it took for me to be successfully employed in my dream job. As soon as I saw the advertised position I knew it was for me. I also knew that I would have strong competition and therefore needed an “edge”. Although I had a CV it was pretty ordinary. It required updating so it would stand out and catch the attention of my prospective “new” employer. Martin did that and more. I am convinced beyond any doubt that my CV was the factor that got me to the interview. Then it was up to me! Martin also helped with my letter of application to ensure it matched the requirements of the advertised position. If you want to stand out in a field of applicants I urge you to contact Martin. You will succeed!" Della Boys, Perth

"In July 2009, I was fortunate to have Martin Darke recommended to me as a person who could advise me on job searching techniques and some one who would help me put together a good résumé. I'd never met Martin face-to-face but after the good recommendation and reading Martin's story on his website, I didn't hesitate in contacting him and I wasn't disappointed.

Martin constructed a fantastic résumé and offered all sorts of help and advice on my job search. Within days of sending out my new résumé I was actually getting replies and people wanted to interview me.

After four months being unemployed and a week after updating my résumé I was working again. I now realise the importance of having a clear and precise résumé that sells you as a person to a prospective employer.

My partner Phillipe Grant was retrenched from his position in 2011. Phillipe had been with the company for nine years, so when we got out his last résumé it was so old and outdated he would have only been wasting his time sending to prospective employers.

I contacted Martin and hoped he would remember me and be willing to help. Martin did remember me and told me he had written a book that was about to be published and sent us a copy. The book is 'The 30-second Impact Résumé'. What a fantastic book. When you read it, you wonder why you couldn't think of the practical advice in it. It's so easy to read, use and follow. Martin truly knows and understands the job market and all that goes with it.

Thank you Martin for all your help and guidance and for sharing your story with us. You restored our faith, that there still are kind and caring people out there.

For every person looking to improve their job prospects, it starts with having a great résumé. We can guarantee you – a copy of 'The 30-second Impact Résumé', will enable you to be in front of the pack. There's no other book you'll need." Karyn Hind and Phillipe Grant, Melbourne

"Just a quick line to let you know that things are still going great for me in Inverness, Scotland, quite a contrast to Johannesburg, South Africa. I often reflect on how you converted my outdated 8-9 page CV to a condensed and concise three-page version. More interestingly though, is that I "fired" that CV into the UK from Johannesburg and within three weeks I was knocking on the door of my new employer in Inverness, Scotland. That was two years ago in 2007. If I had stopped to think about it, I don't think I would have made the move. Never looked back. Thank you very much."Tim, Scotland

"My first introduction to Martin Darke and his résumé ebook was via the Murdoch University alumni. Previously written résumés had failed to illustrate the dynamics of my persona and achievements. However, following a long telephone conversation with Martin I was convinced that he could create a résumé to boost my staid career. Within days of contacting potential employers I had received several positive responses. Martin had essentially outlined the positive aspects of a career path I was ready to abandon. His professional résumé writing skill effectively resuscitated my career. I do not fear the prospect of unemployment nor do I doubt my ability. Essentially one’s career aspirations are limited only by the individual."Andrew, Perth

"Martin took my 14-page résumé and summarised it in just two pages – believe me – he left nothing out. I sent this new résumé out and in just two days I had an interview and a week later another interview. Not only did Martin give me a usable résumé, but the bonus was when we met and he told me how to re-engineer my life to look at alternative ways of earning an income." Albert, Melbourne

"I first met Martin when he delivered a seminar on writing résumés at Murdoch University and I was impressed with his style of succinct writing. Sometime later I wanted to update my résumé and make sure it would hit my target market and a colleague recommended Martin to me. I met with Martin, gave him a copy of my old résumé and we talked about what type of position I wanted to pursue, my skills, and what my goals and values were. Martin rewrote my résumé and wrote a brilliant career statement, which matched me to a ‘T’. Whether it was the résumé or the coaching that Martin gave me through our discussions, I can’t say, but I was successful in obtaining the type of position I sought within a very short period." Christine, IT professional, Perth

"Following my migration to Australia as an experienced mechanical engineer on a skills visa, and despite a buoyant job market, I found it very difficult to gain employment in a role that was commensurate with previous roles and responsibilities. I had registered with a number of recruitment consultants that gave me broad exposure to companies in a range of engineering sectors but this was largely to no avail and, as a result, I spent all my time preparing applications for jobs advertised in the West Australian. Fortunately, I met up with Martin Darke who prepared a short and concise résumé that condensed my 25 years' professional experience into three pages, and provided very effective mentoring on strategies for finding jobs. After two months of fruitless activity, I re-presented the revised résumé to two recruitment consultants. Within three days of doing this, I was offered a job as an engineering manager with an excellent package and a role that was made permanent within one month of starting. To say that I am grateful to Martin is an understatement. His help and advice has enabled both me and my family to overcome a major hurdle to establishing a new life in Australia."Mike, Perth

"Martin Darke helped me re-discover my talents and ambition as a specialist geologist. The reworking of a turgid 18-page academic style résumé to a more enterprising, attractive and interesting presentation of 30 years' experience was a re-awakening. Whether or not the résumé actually sold me, the process of interaction with Martin certainly achieved a resurgence in my enthusiasm, self-confidence and drive. My consulting business has not looked back over the last two years - domestically and internationally." Kevin, NSW

"Martin managed to condense my résumé from six to two very pithy, eyecatching pages.The finished product presented in such a professional fashion that I was scarcely able to believe that the résumé referred to me. I circulated it and within a week was fielding calls from headhunters and receiving interview opportunities from job applications. I have no doubt Martin's input made a substantial contribution to my success in gaining employment. I would therefore have no hesitation in recommending his services to you." Rob, Lawyer, Sydney.

"Having recently graduated from a top-tier English university and struggled to find a career opening in my chosen field, I was referred to Martin by a close relative. Martin was invaluable in refining my résumé - he used his vast experience to draw upon the more pertinent points from the morass of credentials that I had acquired during my academic life. I genuinely believe that this, coupled with the fact that Martin created a truly unique résumé, is the sole reason why I now find myself in a fantastic role - a training scheme with a global bank. Going into the interview I found the résumé came into its own - the layout facilitated the process for both myself as a potential employee and the interviewer - I would say the résumé channels the employer's attention. On a personal level Martin was incredibly accommodating, had a fast turnaround time and definitely broadened my stance on what I previously perceived as just a job." Tom, Manchester, England

"Martin Darke was able to condense my outdated and lengthy résumé into a dynamic and concise two-page document which highlights my personal and professional achievements and states the specific attributes I can bring to a prospective employer. Getting the interview is the key to getting the job and I got plenty of interviews. I sent out a résumé a day and averaged three interviews per week. I'm pleased to say that I am currently employed in a challenging and rewarding career and am looking forward to a very prosperous future." James, Melbourne

"Just thought I'd drop you a line to let you know that I have accepted a position with a new company today and I just wanted to thank you for knocking my résumé into shape. By adapting it to suit job advertisements I had more job interviews this time than at any other time job hunting. I was really amazed at how well it worked. It was the best money I have ever spent. So thanks again." Bob, Melbourne

"I truly believe Martin was the reason I got my dream job. I had the credentials but he displayed them in such a way that allowed me to rise above the other applicants". Kathryn, Melbourne

"For too long I persevered with a lengthy and detailed résumé, and I did not get the responses that I thought my experiences deserved. Martin Darke rewrote my résumé to provide a short, sharp and succinct document that said more by containing less." Mark, CEO, Melbourne

"I had the good fortune to meet Martin when I was struggling to produce an up-to-date résumé so that I could chase my dreams for an executive position. Martin took the pain out of this process, and we comfortably worked together to produce a simplified and yet powerful résumé that confidently told my story. I thought that I had a good product to start with but I have now got a document that I am really proud of. As I was going through the process of selection, I can honestly say that having a well-scripted document supporting my application gave me the confidence to tackle the process much more strategically." Jan, Melbourne