Times are hard. Economies are in recession. You think
you've got no chance of finding a new job. THINK AGAIN!


In my article on better ways to market yourself (click here) I talk about using a poster if you find that you're not getting any interviews at all. I've preached this method for a number of years and have written posters for various people, including people with disabilities, but it takes motivation to actually go out and market yourself in this manner.

After several months spent writing my ebook and building my website, I realised I needed more income. I found I wasn't getting interviews for jobs for which I felt eminently suited. Ageism was a factor, of that I have no doubt, but the global recession had also arrived, so roles were limited and it was suddenly very competitive.

So I decided to practise what I preach. I wrote a poster for myself. Click here to see it . I wasn't necessarily looking for a full-time job, but I knew there were pockets of work out there that needed doing, and I was prepared to do anything.

On a very hot Tuesday afternoon in March, 2009, I trudged the streets of a local industrial estate and delivered 30 posters. I was generally well received, and people took an interest and seemed to be impressed with the approach.

The following day I received a call from a Dutch gentleman who wanted to see me. We arranged to meet on the following Saturday. On the Friday he called to re-arrange the interview, wanting to see me that very afternoon. I met him, we chatted for two hours, and I started work full-time the following Monday.

To be honest I couldn't have asked for a better result. Was it luck and timing? Yes, to a degree. But this proves that anything is possible by taking an alternative approach. We are too set in our ways about searching for a job. Though the recession is on there are still opportunities out there. We haven't yet suffered total meltdown and new companies are even being created.

If I hadn't had such an immediate result, I would still be out there delivering posters. There are hundreds of small businesses who want people who have something to offer and who are motivated and show initiative.

I went on to prove this in my role from 2010-12 helping people with disabilities to find jobs. For my clients, it was even more difficult for them to stand out above a crowd. I motivated them to come out with me knocking on doors and delivering flyers. The results were remarkable and, thanks to some enlightened employers prepared to give people a chance, my clients have now embarked on new careers where previously they stood little chance of gaining purposeful employment.

There’s a chapter on flyers, with examples, in my books, Career Ignition and The 30-Second Impact Résumé.

Flyers could be the way forward for you.