Whenever I think of Martin Darke, up pops a picture in my mind of a man who embodies positiveness and the sort of can-do attitude that we all need, at whatever age, whether we’re looking for a job or not.

As you work through this remarkably practical and inspiring guide, you’ll notice that positive attitude shining through, encouraging you to make the most of who you are and of your unique brand of skills and experience.

It’s hard at times when you’re out of work to retain that positiveness and belief in your own value and experience, but don’t ever lose sight of who you really are. Work with Martin’s résumé guide and use the document format and you’ll be giving yourself the best chance possible of marketing yourself into the job that’s right for you.

You’ll also realise, as you do the work of analysing your experience and achievements along the lines Martin recommends, that you have something of real value to offer any sensible employer! So make sure you make the most of the assets you could bring to the job in the résumé and at interview.

Martin is in the rare position of knowing what he’s talking about from both sides of the recruiter’s desk; he’s been on the wrong end of age discrimination when applying for jobs and he knows the process from the recruiter’s point of view as well, from his years in executive recruitment. And he’s built on both in recent years with his work counselling individuals on their jobsearch direction and processes, at the same time as he prepares winning résumés for them.

Many people Australia-wide can directly attribute achieving their dream job to their wise choice of contacting Martin for help. Not only did he help them work through their jobsearch dilemmas, but using the format laid out in this book, he prepared résumés for them that accurately reflected their skills, experience and potential.

There’s no reason you can’t do the same.

If it’s a personal endorsement you want, I can say I know Martin’s simple, marketing-focused résumé format works. I’ve used it to good effect myself as the basis of a consulting profile. I’ve also introduced it, with significant success, to many of the mature-age jobseekers who have come my way via workingconnections, the jobsearch support arm of the Over 50s Association, over the past three or four years.

So good luck and good job-hunting. And like Martin, stay positive and forget any notions of giving up!

Grace Johnston (
November 2008
Manager workingconnections 
Author You’ve Got the Job (2006)