Need someone to manage your job search for you?

Look no further. Finding a new job is stressful. After a hard day's work, or if you're unemployed and lacking that little bit of motivation, the process of finding a new job can be daunting as well as time consuming.

I can provide that help and motivation you need.

Once we've got your new résumé or résumés together (you might need more than one) and determined what you want to do, it is then up to me to find the opportunities. I'll steer these towards you to see if you're interested and step you through the application process.

I do not actually apply for jobs on your behalf but I can directly assist you with:

  • preparing and writing cover letters
  • addressing selection criteria
  • improving your interview skills
  • preparing for the interview
  • and much more, for instance, contract negotiation

There are NO GUARANTEES with this service. I charge an hourly rate, based on time spent on your behalf, similar to a lawyer but not at such exorbitant rates!

So if you want to remove the stress from your job search, and save yourself a lot of time, then give me a

call on 0409 540 290