Useful links

In no particular order. Many of these sites are relevant to doing business in Western Australia, where I reside. If you're based in other states in Australia, then for non-federal issues please locate the relevant state goverment department. Even the names of these vary from state to state. One day we might have a unified system. Complications can arise if you open offices in different states and find there's a completely different set of rules.

Home of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, the place to go if you want to register a limited company. You can search for company names under the National Names Index on this site.

Department of Commerce
If you are a sole trader or partnership operating only in Western Australia, then you can register your company name with the Department of Commerce, previously known as the Department of Consumer Employment and Protection. If you want to run a business in Western Australia under any name other than your own or that of a company, you must register the name with this Department.

Use the 'Labour Relations' tab for all matters relating to employment and wages.

People working in certain industries must be licensed or registered with the Department, and you can check the regulations governing the premises from which businesses are allowed to operate

Information about the storage of volatile fuels can be found here too.

The Australian Domain Name Administrator where you can register a .au domain name.

IP Australia
For registering trade marks, designs and patents to protect your intellectual property.

Department of Treasury and Finance
Registration for payroll tax, land tax and stamp duty.

Small Business Development Corporation
A comprehensive and excellent source of information for any business startup in Western Australia.

The Fire and Emergency Services Authority of Western Australia provides advice concerning fire prevention and regulations.

Water Corporation
For information concerning the disposal of industrial waste affecting catchment areas.

Department of Education & Training
For information on apprenticeships and traineeships.

Australian Industrial Relations Commission
For finding out about federal awards for various occupations.

The Australian Tax Office page for all matters relating to superannuation.

Fair Work Ombudsman
Just in case you have any workplace agreements applying to your workforce.

Relevant information on workers' compensation in Western Australia.

Information on occupational health and safety issues in Western Australia.

Equal Opportunity Commission
Equal opportuntiy matters realting to Western Australia.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry
In Western Australia a very useful source of information and assistance.

McKinley Plowman

When I developed a course called 'Setting up a new small business' for Challenger TAFE in Perth, I sought the expertise of someone who could speak professionally on matters of finance and accounting. I was recommended to this second-tier firm, and it was Karl Jackson who helped me enormously by delivering an excellent presentation on the optimum structure to aim for, as well as the original subject matter. McKinley Plowman has since been recognised for outstanding work in helping small business, and a number of participants on the various courses sought advice and assistance from them.