'The 30-Second Impact Résumé'

ROSS CLENNETT – ‘The Recruiter’s Recruitment Expert’, speaker, trainer, writer, coach,

From Ross’s newsletter, InSight (Issue 266), dated 31 January, 2013.

‘Martin Darke is an ex-recruitment consultant and he has compiled a fantastic resource using the principles of ‘less is more' espoused by Malcolm Gladwell.

The 14 chapters are between two and three pages in length and succinctly cover the material all job seekers want to know (eg Ch9 What about those gaps? Ch10 How far back do I go?) in an easy-to-read, jargon-free style. Thirteen sample résumés are included along with appendices detaining a useful glossary and a helpful list of action verbs.’


‘Read the book, rewrote my résumé which has led to 2 interviews in 1 week. Easy to read book and full of great thought provoking information on how to structure your résumé and why. Highly recommend!’ Spekegirl

‘I used this gem of a book to do up a restructured résumé. I just got a call for a job interview after sending one impact résumé.’ Paul, Dublin, Ireland (he got the job!)

‘Quick read - 30 minutes at the most, but it gave me a great way to reformat my résumé. Can't wait to get my new and improved résumé out there and see how many calls I get.

Most résumé (or cover letter guides for that matter) ramble on and on, telling you that you should say this, or say that, but they are short on examples. This book breaks down each section of the résumé telling you what you should say, but it is also loaded with examples relevant to a number of different fields.

Anyone should be able to restructure their résumé in less than one hour following these techniques.’ Nick Vulich (history-bytes), Iowa, USA

‘This is a really great book. It has loads of examples to show you how to apply the principles’ outlines. Highly recommend.’ Karen Brown (kazzieb), Ireland


‘One of the personal brand components is your communication package: your résumé needs to tell a story to show a prospective customer or an employer what you have accomplished in the past and what you are capable of in the future. I have recently been privileged to review “The 30-Second Impact Résumé” (How to get that job) written by Martin Darke available on:

Martin certainly knows what he is talking about because of his recruiter’s expertise. It is not only a sought after practical guide to what and how but it is also written in an inspiring and a positive way to make the most of whom you are. I was also very impressed with the book’s appendices and especially its templates.’

Hana Guenzl – Director, Deep Vision - Image Branding Agency, Sydney


 “Your book and the support you provided was fantastic. I hope that many more people discover you and use your expertise.”

Antony Myrtle

“My new résumé has helped me get employment both on my recent overseas trip and for my new job upon arriving back home. I really appreciated the idea that a résumé should never be a one size fits all jobs, but that you should tailor your resume to suit the industry that you work in.”

Claire Sutcliffe

“Your book made me realise I had achieved more than I gave myself credit for. The response I received from my résumé was fantastic –and now I am working in my dream job!”

Laurina Kersten

“After four months being unemployed and a week after updating my résumé with Martin I was working again. For every person looking to improve their job prospects it starts with having a great résumé. A copy of The 30-Second Impact Résumé will enable you to be in front of the pack. There’s no other book you’ll need!”

Karyn Hind


'Best little résumé book ever', says Jacleen Allen, an ex-résumé writer from New Zealand, now residing in Tweed Heads, and whom I met on 25 July 2013 on my roadshow in NSW. Jacleen says she's now back in business.

Jessica in Brisbane wrote in January, 2017,

A friend recently gave me your book as he had found it after struggling with applying for over 70 jobs in the last 9 months with no luck. It was the first time I had seen him positive about applying for a job in a long time. I read the book back to back in a few hours and decided it was time for me to stop putting off writing my own résumé - a task I had been avoiding for a while now. I cannot thank you enough for your advice offered through this book! It completely changed my attitude towards the once overwhelming document and helped me realise just how much I have achieved in such a short time. While I am not currently in need of a résumé it was a fantastic way for me to stop and evaluate what I have done and where I want to be next. Thank you  again, you will change people's lives with this wonderful alternative to the old and tired résumé.’

Emma in Perth wrote in December, 2016, 'I think it just may change my life. Everything you include just makes perfect sense and it's so easy...really!'

‘A bloody good read and a very useful, practical aid.’ Bob Pender, my ex-boss (Executive Recruitment Partner) at Ernst & Young in 1996

‘I work as an Employment Coordinator here in Adelaide.  I am actually using your tips right now in revamping one of my clients’ résumés.  I was going to say that I particularly relate to certain sections of the book, then had another look, and decided that the whole book is good.  It is simple to read and very practical.  As you say "HIT THEM BETWEEN EYES".  
I am an Employment Coordinator who works with people who have a learning difficulty, so it is so important to focus on their skills and the value they can give to an employer.  (It is sometimes challenging to find the correct words, so all the tips I can get are very useful.) Emilie Ripinskis, Adelaide

‘The book is fantastic!  Easy to manoeuvre through, concise and very it. I sent it off to my girlfriend who is putting her résumé together this week for a new position within her company.’ Tish Pine, USA, my cousin (lawyer)

Thanks for the book.  I really like it.  I also like that it is short and concise.  I feel like, a lot of times, a publisher feels like they need to give you a 500-page book, when you really only want a short and easy answer and example.’ Brian Hafner, USA

‘I have had a lot of positive feedback about your book.  I have taken a copy with me to site and used it as a reference in my training sessions with job seekers, plus also shown it to staff and the site senior at Clarkson was very keen for them to get copies to use and have onsite. I encouraged her to speak to Dena Zarif, the regional manager about it because I think it's a great reference.’ Hayley Solich, Perth

‘Just finished reading ‘30-Second Impact Résumé’. Succinct and full of good ideas and thoughts.  Money well spent I hope. I’ve often read  - keep it to two pages - but how the hell do you do that? Now I know. I’m going to adopt your ideas and see what response it brings (although not too soon as I’m just starting a new job). Mick McConnell, Australia

‘I've been able to use your fabulous advice and examples to help my ex-wife revamp her résumé and cover letters. She's delighted...and I feel I've really been able to contribute to her life and our ongoing friendship by passing on your wisdom and effort. May you continue to prosper and help people.’ Greg Nunn, Perth

‘You have a fantastic product that is so easy to use. I can't see your next print run lasting very long before you need another one.’ Lesley Kemp, Perth

‘Wow, your book "The 30-Second Impact Résumé" is both astonishing and illuminating! I never realised how much a résumé could achieve until I read it. My parents lent me your book, it was a real eye-opener. It's a pity more people don't know about writing résumés this way.’ Rowan Green, Marrickville, NSW

‘I read your book last night. I found it easy to read, well set out, instructive; illuminating with principles that I will definitely be applying to a revised CV personally.

You recognise, acknowledge and address what so many of us struggle with and that's talking effectively about ourselves. THANK YOU!’ Kate Kelleher, Sydney

‘The local paper, “Wanneroo Times”, featured an article about your book in autumn this year. The “Times” had several copies of your booklet to give away; I quickly sent them an email, I was a lucky winner and the rest is history, as they say! I am grateful to have been made aware of your most useful and very hands-on booklet.

The job hunt is a big learning curve for me, and not dissimilar to some of the experiences you talk about in both your book and on the website. I believe that pressure makes diamonds, and a level of pressure is good and healthy, but I value greatly the tips and ideas your book provides me with.

Your booklet has been a most valuable source of information and guidance and it sure has helped to make a difference. I wouldn’t claim that success was made possible only because of the hands-on tips in your book, but again, it has provided an ‘old dog’ with some new tricks, and I received the one or the other positive comment about both, the résumé as well as the covering letter.’ Matthias Reimann, Perth (mature unemployed person who found a job)

I just wanted to take a moment to say I had some time to check out your book and its simple layout and wording makes it easy to read and use.  Great work.’ Christine Richardson, TAFE lecturer in personal development, Perth

‘I just wanted to let you know that my career change has been successful, as I have now been offered a position of employment.

I have received many positive comments on the layout of your résumé template. I am so glad I purchased your book!! Louise McLeod, Australia

‘I recently read your book "The 30-Second Impact Résumé" after it was suggested to me by a friend, and I found it to be informative and surprisingly entertaining. I would like a copy of the template you mentioned so I can work up a résumé that gets me a job instead of rejection emails.’ James Pepperell, Australia

I met one of the successful HR professionals last week who was kind enough to give me feedback on my previous résumé. He said: “Olya, your résumé looks ok but it doesn’t stand out to me, you need to create a brand, you need to tell me a story!” I was so confused and really didn’t know where to even start making changes! Two days later I went to Dymocks, just to browse. Then I saw your book, flipped through first few pages and realised that it was exactly what I needed! The next two days I spent changing my résumé – well, basically writing a new resume from scratch! It looks so different to my previous one, and I cannot believe I could fit everything in 2 pages! When I first read in your book “no more than 2 pages”, I thought to myself: “No way I can do that!”  but it worked! I am very excited about my new résumé and I do hope to find some luck this year! Olya, Brisbane (master’s graduate)

I bought your book from Mary Ryan's Bookshop in Toowoomba.  I had been contemplating the task of having to apply for a new position after ten and a half years in the one place and a tired old résumé.  Knowing I needed to get with the times I went looking for the "quick fix how to do it manual", and your 30-Second Impact Résumé caught my eye.  I only wish it took 30 seconds to write!!

Thanks for your offer to proof my first draft. Unfortunately time was against me and I had to get the application in, for better of for worst.  Your formatted template is very different to my "old" thinking and format and so I had to adapt a fair bit.  I was able to follow some/most of your advice and hopefully with more time for any future applications I may be able to refine it a little more.

Thanks heaps for the template as it made the preparation of a fresher new document a little easier, especially as I did not have any other newer format.’ David Seng, Toowoomba

‘I started reading your book last night and found it really informative and hard to put down. I’m going to let my son read it too, as I think it will be great for him also.’ Sonia Dinsmore, Perth

'With help from your book I've already landed a job I wanted. It is in
my field and pays very well. My personal thanks go out to you.' Claire, Paddington, Queensland (within two weeks of receiving the book)

‘I am the employment consultant who emailed you a while ago for your résumé template, which I have been using in my job searching skills courses and recommend your book to clients who are looking for work. Sorry I have taken so long to get onto Facebook to like your page!

It is a fantastic book, with some really good, easy to apply ideas and I have passed on the details to my colleagues and manager.

Hope the book sells well, it deserves to!!' Kerry Mahoney, Melbourne

Just a quick note to say thank you for sending me your book. I love it.

In our team (I have only been here 3 years and have just been appointed as the new team manager) we have a booklet on "Résumé writing" but it talks to people as if they are still in high school and the students only get this booklet after they have sat in a 2-hour seminar.

Your book is so easy to read (it reminded me of the "One Minute Manager", another one of my favourite books) and provides some very important tips in a short period of time. Margo Baas, Manager, Careers & Employment Service, Griffith University

I have learned so much reading your book. Thank you for sharing your expertise and story.

Like you I have been through a few ups and downs, although I know where I would like to go. I am now learning to create that path.

I am looking forward to re-writing my résumé. Natasha, Australia

I stumbled across you website last week and immediately bought a copy of your Kindle book "The 30-Second Impact Résumé" which is excellent and full of such great advice. I feel so confident about the fact that I will get a job now; I've already told all my friends and family about it! Niki, London

I thought you may be interested to see my new résumé. The finished product attached.

Thank you SOOO much. Your book was a godsend. I have already received a call from a recruiter in Queensland! Incredible -  had a response with a suitable position on a job up there he is trying to fill. Less than one hour. Truly amazing.

Your simple approach and format works. Brilliant. I'm sure I will have a few offers to choose from in the coming weeks. Robert da Silva, Perth (engineer originally from Canada)